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Home Mason Neck - Warriors in Transition Partnership

Mason Neck - Warriors in Transition Partnership

The Mason Neck - Warriors in Transition Partnership is an effort to improve conditions on the Mason Neck peninsula to accommodate Warriors in Transition. This effort is being led by the Mason Neck Citizens Association (MNCA), the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), the various Park facilities and the USO.

Fort Belvoir and the new hospital are providing extensive care to many of the Wounded Warriors. Through the MN-WITP we will assist in the planning, purchase and the implementation of outdoor recreational activities to include fishing, horseback riding, hunting, frisbee golf, canoeing, kayaking. amongst others.

We will assist and organize group efforts to provide passes to military family members, assist in the organizing of events and generally do whatever possible to increase the value of the park facilities to our military brethren.

MN-WIT Equine Activity Program

The Bureau of Land Management, The Mason Neck Citizen’s Association, Meadowood Stables and Simple Changes cordially invite wounded and recovering personnel and their families from Ft. Belvoir to an Equine Activities event at Meadowood.  We want to introduce them to the therapeutic and recreational activities available at the stables. This will be a fun day for the entire family.

Preferred Date: Sunday, November **, 201*
(Option Date:     Friday, November **, 201*)
Preferred Time:         1:00 pm-3:00 p.m
(Option Time:         11:00 am- 1:00 p.m)

Activities of the day include:

Introductory therapeutic riding lessons for soldiers. Spaces available for up to 10 soldiers (5 per hour) -- offered by Simple Changes Therapeutic Riding Center -- a premier center accredited by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (Path International). Lesson will include grooming and leading. Riding is at the discretion of Simple Changes personnel.

Other Equine Activities:

  • Pony Rides
  • Paint a horse
  • Hands on Grooming/Horse Care Demonstrations
  • Riding Demonstrations
  • Equine Education centers

Suggested Guidelines for the event:

  • We can happily accommodate up to 100 attendees (including family members)
  • We will need an RSVP list/number 4 days before the event. We request Ft Belvoir personnel coordinate the Invitation/RSVP component
  • To ensure a successful event please let us know any specific physical needs in advance – particularly of soldiers wishing to participate in introductory therapeutic riding lesson. We will look to Ft Belvoir personnel for guidance.
  • Participants must sign a liability waiver.

Contact Information:
Missy Salisbury
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Peter Weyland
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We are looking forward to this great day!

The four major parks:

BLM-ES Meadowood SMRA (Federal)
Lower Potomac Field Station
Bureau of Land Management
10406 Gunston Road
Lorton, VA 22079
Ph. : (703) 339-8009; Fax: (703) 339-3479
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • environmental education
  • horseback riding
  • mountain biking
  • therapeutic horse interaction

Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge (Federal)
High Point Road
Lorton, VA 22079
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • biking
  • birding
  • canoeing and kayaking
  • environmental education
  • hiking
  • wildlife exhibits
  • Gartlan Trail (paved for wheelchairs)

Mason Neck State Park (Commonwealth of Virginia)
7301 High Point Road, Lorton, VA 22079-4010
Park Size: 1,825 acres.
Weather: Local (703) 936-1212.

  • biking
  • birding
  • canoeing and kayaking
  • environmental education
  • fishing
  • GPS adventures
  • hiking
  • picnic area
  • playground
  • self-guided trails
  • visitor center and gift shop

Pohick Bay Regional Park (NVRPA)
6501 Pohick Bay Drive Lorton, VA 22079 • T: 703-339-6104
703-352-5900, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • birding
  • boating
  • camping (with and w/out cabins)
  • fishing
  • frisbee golf
  • golf
  • miniature golf
  • picnic area
  • horseback riding
  • swimming
  • water skiing

Smaller parks and facilities

Gunston Hall (Commonwealth of Virginia)
10709 Gunston Road
Mason Neck, VA 22079

  • historical tours
  • hiking
  • birding

Mason Neck West (Fairfax County) Park
10418 Old Colchester Rd, Lorton, VA 22079

  • baseball
  • softball
  • tennis

Camp Wilson (owned and operated by NVRPA)

  • scouting


Mason Neck Citizens Association

Lorton Community Action Center

South Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

South County Federation

Supervisor Gerry Hyland

Mason Neck Lions Club

Mason Neck Horse Coalition

U.S. Army Caissons

Stables at Meadowood

Simple Changes

Lorton AutoTrain

Friends of Meadowood

Friends of Mason Neck State Park

Fairfax County Fire Department
Lorton, Station 19 - Volunteer Organization - 7701 Armistead Road, Lorton, VA 22079
Phone Number: 703-339-5141 Fax Number: 703-550-7280

Boy Scouts of America - Camp Wilson

Ft. Belvoir - Warriors Transition Command

Pam Horton
Warrior and Family Center Manager
5940 9th Street
P. O. Box 1471
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
571-267-2084 (Pager)
571-267-2101 (fax)
7030307-3275 (cell)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Faith Community:

Cranford United Methodist Church

Gunston Bible Church

Pohick Episcopal Church

Shiloh Baptist Church


Virginia State Parks Mason Neck Trail Guide (pdf>