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Say NO to Fairfax County. Say NO to the Commercialization of Mason Neck.

Wat Lao Virginia, Inc. began operating in January 2014on Mason Neck at 6812 Springfield Drive (a four-bedroom residence) and has been doing so without proper permits.

A county Department of Code Compliance investigator inspected the property in February 2017 and determined that the operations on site included a fully functioning Buddhist temple. A Notice of Violation was issued in April 2017 stating that the use of the building required a special permit approval and that Wat Lao Virginia, Inc. was in violation of the zoning ordinance.

Among other things, the County's plan for Mason Neck states that it is planned for very low density single family residential development, that it is important to preserve features of ecological value, and to minimize the impacts of development on wildlife and water quality. County Staff has noted that the land use for Wat Lao Virginia, Inc. is more intense than that of a low density residential area. Neighbors have observed as many as 100 vehicles and several hundred people at this location on a 1.5 lane wide residential street. How would you feel if a neighbor did this?

Is Wat Lao Virginia, Inc. preserving features of ecological value? The County noted that more than 13,500 sq. ft. were disturbed in the construction of a parking lot (larger than permitted), and other features on the property. Can you imagine having 50+ cars parked next door to you?

We have been fortunate that over the years our County Supervisors have recognized the value of protecting this unique treasure in Fairfax County. It is imperative that we all speak up to keep Mason Neck low density.

Our neighbors bought their homes knowing that they were moving into a serene residential neighborhood, protected under Fairfax County zoning regulations. By allowing Wat Lao to conduct business outside of those regulations, the County is depriving the current residents of the quiet enjoyment of their property. Based on information provided by Wat Lao Virginia, Inc., an estimated 5,500 people would visit the site each year. Large gatherings have already caused septic, well, and run-off problems for neighbors. Can we, in good faith, allow the County to issue a Special Exception Permit to an organization that has been operating with disregard for County Regulations and for the residents of Mason Neck?


County Staff has recommended APPROVAL of a special exception to allow Wat Lao Virginia, Inc. to continue to operate!

Please help MNCA prevent the commercialization of Mason Neck.

On Wednesday May 23 at 9 am in the Fairfax County Government Center, we will have a FINAL chance to oppose this application for a Special Use Permit. You may sign up to speak here:

If you cannot attend, PLEASE send your comments.

In ALL correspondence, please reference SP2017 MV-088

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